"The hand is the cutting edge of the mind." - Jacob Bronowski

MiMa - Mathematics in the Making

"MiMa" is a European project that aims to develop hands-on-activites for teaching mathematics in primary schools. It is based on the following aims:

Definition of a common didactical methodology for teaching mathematics in primary schools, based on best practice examples in the partner countries.

Development of a training course for primary school teachers together with a development of didactical tools which allow testing the methodology in interested schools. Organisation of a course for lecturers, which is supported by video clips and the MiMa toolkit.
Realization of workshops for pupils in primary schools (8 to 10 years), which end in the organisation of a small exhibition open for the public, in which the pupils, as the experts of what they have achieved, are encouraged to present the objects they have made and explain the mathematical aspects hidden in them.



The aim of the project „MiMa - Mathematics in the Making“ is to counteract early resignation from mathematics. It intends to help elementary school students in developing a stronger interest and competence in math, also enhancing their social and civic skills, and so contributing to increase students’ chances to success both in school and in life.



The consortium involves partners form five different Member States with previous important experience in the field of hands-on teaching methodology and mathematics teachers training.